Areas of Ministry Concentration

Our ministries main operation center in the foreign country is Asia, especially in India, Jamaica and Africa.

Background on India

A land of more than a billion people. India is the largest democracy in the world. With over a billion people, India is second only to China in population.

There are 1,652 languages in use in this land. Of these 222 are considered languages spoken by a minimum of 100,000 people.

A land of 4,635 people groups. India is made up of thousands of different people groups or ethnic groups. Jesus commanded us to make disciples from every people, group, nation. Matthew 24:14; 28:19 and 20. Yet thousands of the ethnic groups in India have no believers among them. Most of the unreached people groups of the world live in India.

The Christian population in India, according to the government figures is only 2.3% of the population. Even if we follow the optimistic figures given by Christian leaders, it is only 4%. Of these 80% are found in the southern three states and in a few of the small states in northeast.

Ebenezer Gospel Ministries plans for India

There is great potential for a church plant in an area where there are no existing churches. So we have the plan to focus an unreached area to start churches by conducting Crusades and Seminars.

1. Establish Missionary Training Centers

Missionary Training Centers are centers devoted to training missionaries to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

2. Work Among the Slummers

Jesus says, "Verily I say unto you, inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of my brethren, ye have done unto me" (Mt 25:40). The ordinary men may look at slummers with contempt. Due to the earnest desires we have the plans to send missionaries to work among the slum areas and to snatch souls away from darkness and show them the marvelous light of Jesus.

3. Medical Camps

EGM have the plan to conducts medical camps among the beggars, slummers and tribals.

4. Literature Ministry

Send missionaries to villages to distribute tracts and Bible literature.

5. Childrens Ministry

Build Children's Home, teach them Sunday school, provide educational assistance, and distribute clothes and food.

6. Financial Support

The Corporation shall give financial support for the relief of the poor, the distressed, and the underprivileged.

7. Other works

CD and DVD Ministry. In order to do this glorious CD ministry, we had obtained the required permission from TPM World Headquarters Chennai, India.

Conduct regular religious services
  1. Provide Leadership training to the local church leaders
  2. Mobile Team Evangelism
  3. Construct New Worship Buildings
  4. Christian Counseling